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About GATHER, by Natural Resources

GATHER is for families who take classes or join new parent support groups at Natural Resources. Time and again, our families tell stories of the community they experienced through Natural Resources by being present in our physical space. Our store-front was a safe haven, a retreat, and place to connect. The idea is that in “normal” times while taking our classes in person, you'd meet, chat, and hang out with other parents building a community that would be meaningful after baby is born. GATHER is a way for you to make those connections during the time of COVID-19.

GATHER is an opportunity for families to connect whether that be over the current milestone your baby just mastered, the content in the childbirth prep class you finished last week at Natural Resources, or the fact that your mother continues to text you baby names even though you have already decided on your baby's name. This is the space to share with, accept, and uplift a community of people experiencing one of life's greatest and most challenging transitions.

Why You Should Join Us

Gather is a way for expectant parents and new parents to “meet”, make connections, and build community. There are 3 pathways for connection:

1. This private social media network (not Facebook), built on a platform called Mighty Network. Within this network you can connect to families through individual "communities" based on your physical location, the age of your baby, and classes you are taking at Natural Resources.

2. Natural Resources’ virtual classes & support groups 

3. IRL socially distanced  “GATHERing” at neighborhood parks. To be attended at your discretion.

Natural Resources will provide personalized updates regarding classes and events that are scheduled for your child's developmental stage.

GATHER is a safe space in which the words "me too" create a sense of belonging and connectedness to spur us on in our parenting journey.

Thank You!

To each person who is a part of GATHER, you are adding value to this space through your presence and engagement. Thank you for entrusting Natural Resources to curate this community while you PREPARE for birth, WELCOME your baby and BECOME a parent, your way. 

COVID-19 has certainly presented challenges we never could have prepared for, and through it all the birthing community in San Francisco has been unwavering for their support of our small non-profit. We are grateful for the ability to adapt and a strong legacy that has propelled us to be present for you now.

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